Friday, July 29, 2011

The Harry Potter Drinking Game

Created by Rhed and Sam.
This game is recommended to be played with beer and other light drinks, because you will be drinking a lot during this game. For maximum entertainment, this game is best enjoyed with shots of your favourite spirits and liqueurs, although if you elect to use them rather than beer you'll be off your face within the first hour of the movie. You have been warned, and remember to drink responsibly, or at least with your friends.

Beverage of our choice: Butterbeer

If you are playing with BEER/LIGHT DRINKS - take one sip per step below unless otherwise stated.

If playing with SHOTS - divide the steps between the people playing the game, so that 1) you don't get drunk too quickly 2) you don't run out of booze so soon. * indicates that everyone must drink.

  1. Everytime someone utters the name 'Harry Potter'.
  2. When Ron speaks his trademark catchphrase of the movies. Eg: 'Wicked', 'bloody hell', and 'brilliant'.
  3. Anytime Hermione becomes angry, distressed, or irrationally concerned about something.
  4. *Anytime a character says 'Voldemort'.
  5. When any character casts 'Expelliarmus' at another character.
  6. Anytime an owl delivers post to Harry, Ron, or Hermione while at Hogwarts.
  7. When Snape makes an appearance out of nowhere, bringing 'bad' vibes.
  8. Anytime points are awarded/deducted to any house.
  9. Everytime an elder issues a stern warning or grave message.
  10. Hermione puts her hand up in class. Take an extra drink if she answers a question without being asked to.
  11. *When Dumbledore delivers enigmatic words of wisdom which may, or may not, impact on the plot.
  12. Someone insults another character with the comment 'Mudblood'.
  13. When the Weasley Twins finish each other's sentences. Take an extra drink if they finish speaking by speaking in unison.
  14. Anytime that Hagrid breaks down in tears.
  15. *Everytime Gryffindor score during a Quiddich match.
Everytime Harry reminds someone that his parents are dead. Eg: 'Voldemort killed my parents...', 'My parents are dead...', 'He killed my parents...' etc.

There it is, in all its glory. Enjoy!  

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