Q. What does this mean if it's on an article?

A. If there is an asterisk in square brackets next to the title of an article title, it means that I got to see the show/hear the music for free. I think paying to experience things really impacts on how critical people are and how much they enjoy it, so I think it's fair if you see something for free it needs to be stated that your opinion might be influenced.

I wouldn't call this an FAQ, because these questions aren't frequent. Or ever asked, really.

Other Things You Might Be Thinking

Q. Who are you? 
A. My name is Samuel Boyd, I'm 22 and I live in Queensland, Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) with distinction from the Queensland University of Technology, am currently studying to achieve a Master of Creative Industries (Creative Arts and Production Management) part-time, and I have a fluffy little cat called Tybalt.

Q. What reviewing experience do you have?
A. Besides writing here, in theatre I have written for Brisbane Powerhouse's World Theatre Festival in 2012, and was also a feature writer for Anywhere Theatre Festival. For music, I used to write music reviews on Amazon.com, many of which were featured as editorial reviews. My work has been plagiarised and neglected of proper crediting on sites including last.fm and Justin Time Records.

Q. You have dreadful grammar/structure/phrasing - do you even proofread your work?
A. No, with the amount I complain I don't have time to read over it again, or I wouldn't be young and trendy anymore. I'm studied drama, not English.

Q. You're a random drama graduate, what authority do you have to go tell people that quality their work is?
A. I have the same entitlement to say I dislike something as you have to say you enjoy something. Just because someone has less authority and credibility than you does not mean their opinion, if logical, cohesive and well-thoughout, is any less valid.

When it comes to opinions people in Brisbane have the tendency to lie to people's faces and say what they really think behind their backs. I'd prefer to be honest, because if you don't speak candidly about the pieces, places, and companies that aren't doing a good job by creating horrendous art, when you write with praise about the places that are, you're not going to have any credibility. By being brutally honest when it's needed about places that aren't serving customers well, you're actually doing a favour to all those creatives that do serve their customers properly - because your praise of them will have some meaning.

Q. I hate you?
A. Me too

Q. What are 'Love Letters'?
A. Love Letters are posts I write to just straight-up gush about products that I love and probably could not do without and/or are flawless. I don't really consider them 'reviews' as I don't have much criticism for them for being too biased, plus they're typically not current enough or relevant to be of much help to anyone.

Q. Why do you hate Cirque du Soleil so much?
A. I hate Cirque du Soleil as much as I love them - which is to say, a lot.. It's my firm belief that the quality of Cirque du Soleil productions has declined considerably over the years, shifting them from an avant-garde company of the most exquisite quality into a money grabbing cliche which asserts a 'holier-than-thou' attitude that expects them to sell out based on their brand recognition. The best example is Ovo, which was the shittest thing I've ever seen. Beyond that, the company are just completely incapable of catering to what their fanbase want and their soundtracks for their productions frequently don't include music from the shows (being completely rearranged or produced beyond recognition).

All that said, I absolutely adore the company and they are very much a driving influence on my artistic career and wish to study drama. I am currently studying French as one day I sill want to work for them. LAWL.

Q. What type of music do you like? 
A. It varies a lot! I usually just say I like "French Canadian" music as many of my favourite artists are from Quebec (or Canada). I love Sarah Slean, Jorane and Cirque du Soleil, but I also love retro stuff like Peter Gabriel, and I consider Florence + the Machine very special to me as they've helped me cope with things for a long time. I love soundtracks too and often like the most obscure ones, as they are the most interesting to pair work to in theatre!

As long as it has a memorable melody and good instrumentation, I'm usually pretty happy.

Q. What do you look like?
A. Here is one of me in my regular disposition.

Haters gon' hate.