Thursday, November 24, 2011

My new favourite word

My new favourite word is exsanguinate. It's a process which involves the release of blood from the body to a degree sufficient enough to cause death. It's just such a strange collection of letters and it carries this sense of authority, grandeur and enigma. Interestingly it's such a glum process, it's the opposite of the word sanguine, which means that a persons disposition is usual humorous, cheerful and optimistic - and of course passionate. My goal in life is to be described as being sanguine, but it probably won't happen because the word is so archaic. Whatever. Maybe I'll just describe myself as that. I wouldn't like to be described as sanguinary though, which means to be constantly bloodthirsty (although I suppose I am that too).

I had the pleasure of seeing everyone else's Production 1 shows. Two of them I didn't really appreciate, but Caroline Heim's Lysistrata and David Megarrity's Please Be Seated were perfect. Flawless. I adored both and saw them twice. I would have paid a lot of money to see them. Thoroughly enjoyed them. They were my favourite pieces of the year. That makes my three favourite (along with QUT 3rd year actors in Festen by Sean Mee) pieces of the year student theatre pieces. It's so... I dunno, uplifting? Inspiring? Wonderful? to see that you don't need thousands/millions of dollars to create wonderful theatre. Just actors who play their roles with such conviction, an inspiring artistic vision from the director, and a great text. I've already expressed my thanks to all involved, but once again - everyone involved in those productions, well done. I'm devastated that I'll never be able to live those incredible ephemeral moments again.

I don't really like Miss Saigon, but it has its moments. I remember seeing it and giving it a 6/10. Its gotten way too much praise while the score overall is very hit and miss, ambling over dozens of songs that lack direction and likeability. 'Now That I've Seen Her' is probably the worst composition I've ever heard when it comes to musical theatre - it's like they grabbed some notes and threw them on a score and said "that'll do, pig". The worst bit is definitely the libretto, with rhymes that are too obvious and lines that are crass and lack sophistication. Now that my daily bitch is out of the way, regardless, I do really love the song above - it's been in my head every now and then since I saw the show last September. And just because I haven't said anything about anything for a while, I thought I'd share that. 'You Will Not Touch Him' is badass too.

I need to get a new background for this site.

I need a fucking microphone so I can record this music I've written. Computer generated strings and pianos are unacceptable. Necessary to buff up and make your real instruments sound better (a la Sinfonia) but if you rely solely on them to make music it's going to sound regrettably tacky. Go nuts on other instruments though!

I have to write an article for WTF today but I'm not sure what to write about... hoping to interview some local artists to make sure they get some extra coverage for their shows.

Uh that's all for now. Looking forward to sitting down these holidays and writing a lot of stuff... where the fuck is that fucking microphone?!

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