Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Fucking finally. Sometimes I want to scream and smash my violin across my knee because all the ideas I have in my head I can't actually express properly through Pro Tools or written down. Tonight I decided I wanted to write down an idea for a piano waltz I've had in my head for the last month. As usual it sounds great when I play it on our grand, it sounds shit in Sibelius, but then when I transfer it into Pro Tools there is something infuriatingly bad about the quality. It's all because I can't handle synth cellos and pianos. They're just fucking unacceptable. It's annoying that most of the instruments I write for are piano and strings and both are disgusting when computers try to re-create the sound.

So I got pissed off for a while then I decided to play around with some of the other options. I went back and cut down all the parts so it's mostly just semibreves for the main melody and I ended up with a soft synth pad setting called 'Shimmer' to play the bass, added two 'music boxes' to replace the left hand, and a celeste to replace the melody. Then I cut the entire piece in half because I couldn't handle the stress of redoing all the parts tonight.

And it may only be about 10 seconds long but it sounds like something that would be reasonably okay to have in a show. Like, if it was fleshed out, had better mixing, had the rest of the instrumentation and providing it was appropriate to the scene and the main melody had been introduced previously, and so on. If you'd like to listen to it, I uploaded it here just so I can keep track of what I'm writing and so on. It's sounds so unprofessional, but something that could probably pass in pro-am theatre. I wonder what Steve Toulmin uses? Maybe I should just swap over to sound designing instead?

Just give me a freaking microphone already!!!

Also this is my 100th post on Blogspot. Happy Birthday to me.

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