Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today, in This Week

I thought I should probably write something to bump the picture of the Blobfish down because I've had some complaints about how ugly it is (you savages).

I got a copy of Pro Tools which fucking rocks my socks. It comes with over 6000 samples of audio including loops and instruments. I haven't even scratched the surface of the interface yet - it allows you to edit MIDIs, edit audio, record straight into. Like, I am dying here, I have endless possibilities of what to do now. Dying. Right here. Now I can make REAL demos.

I think I'm excited with the new Coldplay CD, but to be honest in the same day I got two new Jorane CDs and I can't handle them either, they're just so good. I haven't even bothered looking at Coldplay beyond a first listen. I also had a listen to Bruno Corlais' soundtrack for Coraline, which is also gorgeous. A nice eclectic blend of acoustic and orchestra instruments in addition to a kids choir that sings in an imaginary language - the style is very similar to Benoit Jutras' way of composing which I guess makes sense since they share French in their roots. Listened to Parade (OLC) again while doing the dishes and I almost killed myself I forgot how sad it was. I'm soooo indie. Too much good music!

La Boite 2012 Season Launch tomorrow which should be awesome. Also volunteering at QPAC on Thursday and Friday which should be good fun too.

Uhh well that's all for now. We'll finish with a picture I drew especially for you, dear reader, inspired by Picasso.
Don't scroll down any further than this, or you'll see the Blobfish! (You bigot) 

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