Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just An Update

I have many things to blog about, I just can't be bothered writing them down. I'm finally getting over this flu I've had for about 2 months, which I'm sure would heal a lot quicker if I went to bed a lot earlier (read: before 12).

I changed the blog's named to 'City on Fire' because I fucking love Sweeney Todd. Clearly I've failed in the mission to do the book every day/week/month, so I'll just post it whenever I want. In case anyone was wondering, the blog was originally called 'Africa', which was also the name of my Morrowind mod website, but was equally useless because I don't ever want to visit Africa. It was named after the Cirque song of the same name, but I don't really like the song either.

My musical (QUT - A Musical For The Real World) got picked up and I'm fucking terrified because it's such a daunting project and I haven't written the lyrics for 2 of the songs and I need to re-arrange one. And everyone has to magically learn their parts and we need to have band rehearsals. Nnnghghgn. People seem to be genuinely looking forward to it, though. I am too, but I want to start work on an Asian themed rock opera based on The Orphan of Zhao. Hilarious!

I've tried to stop complaining about so much shit, because I think I'm generally a very boring and annoying person because I always seem to find the worst aspects of things and criticise them. This is why my article on how I think Cirque du Soleil has about as much class as a hooker hasn't been finalised yet. Stay tuned, I may make an exception to my new resolution because I think I need to summarize what every other fan of Franco Dragone and Cirque in the world think.

Having good holidays, they would be better if I wasn't sick and didn't skip parties and shows I've promised to go see because of the flu (I am borderline complaining now). I feel terrible that I missed Rosie's show, Ben's show, Jordan's party and a bunch of other things I planned to go to because I just felt like staying home.

I got featured in La Boite's Ambassador's Circle Ad! Huzzah. You can pleasure yourself to pictures of me and Jordan here, or watch a video of me mumbling answers here.

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