Friday, May 20, 2011

La Boite on Wednesday Night

So, Wednesday was badass. I had to skip Edward Gant because of Process Drama, but we were walking to Room 60 at about 8pm, and I realised we could stop by at La Boite and schmooze with the other ambassadors so we could get some free booze. Interestingly, there was a huge bucket with wine and beer but no-one seemed to be in sight, even though we had just passed a lot of people leaving the theatre. We stood awkwardly in the lobby for a couple of minutes, before Liz popped out of the elevator (and could tell we just showed up for drinks). We sheepishly followed her outside, but got right into the drinking. Yey. Just what I needed. Next time when I don't have so much work I WILL GET WASTED AND CONFRONT MY FEARS.

As it happened, David Berthold joined us. I think I was at Beer #2 by then, so I was more than happy to tell him that the new promotional artwork for Gant sucks (I'll butcher it in my review of the show... tee hee...). Tilly and I chatted to him for about half an hour, before we were joined by the cast. By #4 I walked back over and accidentally trashed Dralion to a former sound operator. It also turned out that Paul Bishop is Stephen Bishop's (the clown from Varekai) brother! I shook his hand (hey, I was a little tipsy) and told him I really loved Stephen and Joanna's act. But I had nothing to say about the show at this point since I still haven't seen it. Har har.

So then after that, about 10 of us heading down for drinks at Room 60! Liz and David came too and we were talking about the book and loads of other stuff. Mr. Berthold said "crash the opening night" and I said I would have, but I had to go to the last rehearsal of Yair. Should have gone afterwards though, since the trains were cancelled from a bombscare. Oh well. Anyway, was an awesome night. Missing my Thursday night drinking sessions, but Wednesday after Process seems to be the ticket.

Nick did the honours on the latest task, which was to 'ask a friend to do something destructive'.
I love the 'etc' thing in the corner!
 Anyway, I've wasted my entire day just fucking around. I've got too many assignments to do, and I'm auditioning tomorrow for a play I've never heard of, and I need to finish Process tomorrow. Heading into uni.

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