Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Rant About Doctor Who

I'm bored of Doctor (Dr) Who. More specifically, I'm bored of its settings.

I started watching it in 2005 when the series was re-newed and we had Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, and before it was cool to watch Dr. Who. I think I remember being made fun of because I said I watched it. Whatever, I enjoyed it a lot back then. One thing I remember my brother saying was 'Do they ever go anywhere other than earth?'. Of course my brother usually pisses me off when he remarks at everything on TV. But he has a point.

Since the (new) Series 1, I can't really recall that many episodes where the show isn't based on Earth. They're veering down the 'Star Wars' path of not ever going anywhere except for well established places...except Star Wars confines itself to about 10 worlds. Dr. Who only has one, with rare exceptions.

Dr. Who is typically set on:
  • Earth (eg. New York)
  • An older version of Earth (eg. New York)
  • A new version of Earth (New New York)
  • Under the surface Earth
  • The Moon (above Earth)
  • A Space Station (above Earth)
  • An alternate reality (usually on Earth)
  • A post apocalyptic Earth
  • A comet/mining area above Earth
  • Things that resemble Earth (A space highway, the Titanic, a magic library)
The alternative is that the episode is based in some generic, unidentifiable area of space (though, usually in the vicinity of Earth).


FUUUUUU. Call me old fashioned, but I liked the old (retro) Dr. Who, when they had romantic doctors and his sexy companions gallavanting around other planets. It was actually a good novelty at the start, since it was fun to see Cardiff and London on TV, but fuck me dead it shits me off now to no end. In Season 5, 11 out of the 13 episodes were based in/around/on/under/fucking Earth. The two that weren't were cash-ins on the Blink episodes (which were originally based on Earth).

I'm not bothering with the new episodes. They're probably based on Earth.

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  1. I am so bloody bored of Cardiff!

    Absolutely agreed. I only occasionally watch it because Him Indoors does, and he only watches it because he fancies the pants off Amy.