Friday, June 22, 2012

My Love Letter to 'a dinner with gravity'

"Created on two principles: 1g = 1L (He), and "If you feed them, they will be happy", a dinner with gravity is a work that feeds the heart and stomach; revelling in the beauty of food, the warmth of good conversation, and the laws of gravity." - a dinner with gravity.
I can't wait for people to experience this (Source: La Boite).
It was announced sometime last month that due to some conflicts, La Boite's original line-up for the annual Indie season had to be slightly altered - the original scheduled piece, Netta Yaschin's psychotic moral thriller with deranged nuns I Only Came to Use the Phone, unfortunately had to drop out. So instead, its place would be filled with two concurrent pieces - Motherboard Productions' La Voix Humaine, and Sarah Winter's a dinner with gravity.

Sarah's visions are something out of a dream, and the installations she creates are unfathomably beautiful. They're surreal and ethereal, and you leave thinking that you've just lived a real-life fairytale (without any of those pesky holier-than-thou moral messages and deaths of the wicked thrown in). This creation is no different, where participants are invited to join in a fanciful and enchanting sit-down dinner, where food is suspended in the air around them via helium balloons. Accompanied by a menu which details thoughts and suggestions to feed the conversation, the evening comes alive through interaction and interpretation.

I can't explain how much I adore this show. I had the chance to see Sarah Winter's piece last August, and I got to help out as a crew member with the process in February this year. It's going to be a blitz bump-in next week and then it's going to consume my life over about 2 weeks, but it's so worth it since I can't wait for everyone to experience it.

I was originally going to write this as a bit of promotion, but as I was writing this article tickets sold out! On that note, for every gram of food suspended in this experience, we'll need one litre of helium. So to serve a party of 18, we'll need a lot of helium. There will be no obligation for anyone to pay extra, but if you'd like to help out further, consider a small donation? Money would go towards helium and would help cut down the cost of the production (and may in future help us reduce ticket prices). Send Sarah and the team some love to help us realise this incredible floating feast experience a dinner with gravity on Pozible. You won't regret helping to bring this magic to life!

To those who missed out on getting a ticket this time - perhaps we'll meet in the future? But to those who have tickets - thank you, and I really hope you love the show as much as I do.

Tickets for Sarah Winter's a dinner with gravity are $28, and is showing at La Boite Theatre Company from June 27th until July 7th. Duration of approximately 60 minutes

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