Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best of Clowning

The Gremlins (Source: Anywhere Theatre Festival).
My rendezvous with Flipside Circus was unfortunately not realised when I got lost in Paddington after The Oxford Girl. I managed to get myself to Roma Street by 6:30pm, and as it turned out I had time to make it to the Gremlins' Gravity is Only the Beginning.

The premise of the show is that a family of Gremlins are about to launch their new budget no-frills airline and realise the Gremlin dream of flying. While ticket sales are going well and the maiden voyage is scheduled to take place, they've run into the hurdle that they're yet to actually build the plane.

I don't have patience for clowns and the art of clowning. The most contact I've had with them have been from Cirque du Soleil productions, and even then I've always thought that clowns, at best, are a necessary evil. Having an entire performance based around the physicality and comedic timing isn't something I particularly enjoyed or something that I'd like to experience again.

Saying that, the text, jokes, and one liners that were included in the script were very smart and witty, and the troupe is in fine form - they parade around with youthful and endearing exuberance, and the three principals Röxoff, Møfball & Botölf seem to never tire or waver in energy. With the exception of the patriarchal Röxoff, the entire ensemble perform in an impressive imaginary language. There were several segments that were excellently choreographed and orchestrated and some very nice moments. I also greatly admire the sly business strategy of getting the entire audience to walk through their sponsors shop.

I can see the appeal, and I appreciate that a lot of people were really enjoying their time. Just not something I can enjoy or can discuss at great length.

Tickets for 'The Gremlins: Gravity is Only the Beginning' are from $12 (if you want a $12, make sure you ask for one, otherwise it's a default $14 - plus a $1.95 booking fee), and is showing at Anywhere Theatre Festival until May 19th. Duration of approximately 35 minutes. Book by visiting Anywhere Theatre Festival's website.

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