Saturday, December 31, 2011


I am dying over here. If I had my own site, and I was holding my own awards ceremony, I would call it 'The Sammys'. AHAHAHAHA.

I've done 200% more stuff this year, seen 100% more things and lived about 50% more than usual, and after a year of writing down thoughts on most things I've seen I'm taking today to do a quick look back over everything. Anyway for anyone who's interested (and so I can keep count), here's my favourites for 2011:


Best Production - Lysistrata (Directed by Caroline Heim)

Best Play - Please Be Seated (Directed by David Meggarity)

Best Professional Work - Fractions (Directed by Jon Halpin)
Best Independent Work - La Boite Scratch #6 (Devised by Sarah Winter)
Best Student Work - Lysistrata (Directed by Caroline Heim)


Best Recording/Album - Sweeney Todd (Performed at Théâtre du Châtelet)

Best Song - Pour Gabrielle (Performed by Jorane)

Best Instrumental - Scarlett Flying from Cirque du Soleil's Iris (Composed by Danny Elfman)
Best Soundtrack - The Banquet (Composed by Tan Dun)
Best Live Artist - Jason Robert Brown (Performed at Queensland Conservatorium)


Best Day of the Year - September 30th

Best Word - Crepuscular

Best Exhibit - 21st Century Art (Hosted at GOMA)
Best Movie - Being John Malkovich?
Best Event - FAST (Hosted at La Boite Theatre Company) and La Boite Theatre Company 2012 Launch Party (Hosted at La Boite Theatre Company)
Best Book/Text - Attempts on her Life (Written by Martin Crimp)
Best Game - Skyrim (Created by Bethesda Softworks)

As always, I'd be interested to hear anyone else's opinions. There was a lot of really epic stuff going on this year and next year is going to be even more hectic. Hooray!

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