Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just for the record

I am eternally grateful to Thom for getting off at Albion and offering to stay to me while I felt sick. He is a cool dude.

On another note, if Anne Hathaway is cast as Fantine in the Les Mis movie, I might well cry. Anne Hathaway is listed as Fantine on IMDb. I'm not sure if that makes it in any way official or anything, but how dreadful. We can take solace that she dies within the first 30 minutes, but judging from her singing in prior movies, and her recent parody of On My Own at the Oscars, her timbre is too sweet, youthful, and high for the role of Fantine. She may be the right age, but her demeanour and voice are far too youthful for Fantine, and I know we're just going to end up with another unsuited belty performance similar to Madalena Alberto. At this stage I would be happy to see her in any other role.

If she is indeed in the role, I resent the fact that she spewed out a boring parody of the piece and Jackman just insisted she get the role. Laaaame. I'll get over it eventually, but in the end they really could have done so much better.

That is all. Expect a review of Doc Heim's wonderful adaptation of Huis Clos sometime soon!

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