Monday, August 29, 2011

The Last Two La Botie Indie Shows

Were both pretty good.

Since I saw Water Wars on the last night, and I was smashed and couldn't write it, it seems redundant to write a review of it now. On a whole it was a good concept with so-so execution due to the writing. The actors were all very natural and likeable, but the story made you feel pretty hostile towards specific ones - while I think that was the aim (to take sides and sympathise with particular ones) I don't think it was extremely effective since pretty much anything the kid said was just cringe worthy, since the actor was stuck pimping clumsy and stagnant lines like "the bad people", the hilarious "brown-outs" and the poignant "don't turn the tap on". The technical aspects were superb, with some of the most sophisticated lighting set up I'd seen for such a small budget show. Good idea with a not so good story.

I liked Hamlet Apocalypse a lot, and it was certainly a lot different than the last movie I saw based on Hamlet (The Banquet). I can't write much on this because I have to write an essay that analyses it, but it's a fantastic show, and I definitely recommend people to go see it. With the exception of the set up of the one sound at the end, I'd change nothing about it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Instead, I'm going to write a review on The Banquet's soundtrack by Tan Dun which is fucking brilliant - I'll post it tomorrow. Yewww!

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