Tuesday, March 29, 2011

University and I

So, I've been neglecting RYB a little bit lately because I haven't been feeling that good. I went to the doctor and had some blood tests, and thankfully everything came back okay. Shortly after that, I started getting headaches. I've had a headache every day for the last month, but they've been really mild. Like, they don't even ache, but they hurt. So whatever, because now they're starting to get very infrequent and they're not really there at all. The doctor said that it's nothing to worry about, since over 9000 things cause headaches. Just some that apply to me:

I've still got this bug, I don't drink enough water, I don't eat enough proper food, headaches are big in the family, I squint too much, strain my eyes, don't sleep nearly enough, stress, not taking any pain killers, sleeping awkwardly, having 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' in my head for the last week.

The list goes on. Then the list ends.

But really, with them disappearing, life is getting a lot easier. Uni is totally fantastic, the best thing I've ever done in my life. It's basically a rinse and repeat of my last post, but I'm just having such a fanastic time. Last week we went to GOMA's new 21st Century Artwork expo which is totally fantastic, there's so much good stuff to see there. My favourite was this huge table of white lego which you could play with and make whatever you wanted. Other highlights were the Balloon Room (a room filled with dozens of huge balloons) and The Pool Room, where you could stare down/up at people on the other side of the glass. If you get a chance to see it, I totally recommend. Tomorrow I'll be going for my 4th time - and it's free. D:

Ben, Keira, Me and Emily in the Balloon Room!
Blissssss. Also, I got into the YAIR program! I was originally auditioning for the acting part of it, but I didn't realize you actually needed to prepare a monologue, so the night before I wrote up some of my work and organized some compositions and threw them into a 'portfolio'. Yey. Anyway, I got asked if I wanted in, and even though I can't make the Thursday afternoons thanks to uni, they offered me a position of sound designer/composer. D: Big job, but I imagine it's going to be mostly ambience, which is a piece of cake to write. Dr. Heim asked if anyone wanted to perform in the Brisbane Writers Festival, so I said I wouldn't mind. Now I'm in! Woah! Details to follow on both.

Also, I got into La Boite's ambassador program! I was pretty bummed since they said they'd notify us by the 25th of March. When I didn't get in, I was a little annoyed and practised my Performing Skills monologue, but I thought that it was a waste of time anyway. I got home from hanging out with Anj and Erin for a nice night out, and I read my emails! It sure picked up my night! Then I noticed.
A compromise I suppose I can live with.
Anyway, I've been slack with the book! Here's the last weeks. The idea was I needed to 'doodle' over a bunch of pages; the cover, the title page, instructions page, copyright page. That's a pretty tricky task if you're trying to actually complete it.

Doodled on the front.
Why is this one so much bigger?

I also had to go through and dogtag my favourite pages. DONE. I want to get an early night now since I don't want a headache tomorrow. Life's looking pretty good at the moment. =)


  1. 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' - that will do it.

  2. doodle sarah's tattoo over your front cover!

    SUX2BU. i was actually singing dont cry for me argentina and dad started singing it outside. :D

  3. Maggie is that YOU?!

    Thanks Maddy. =P I love DCFMA! I did doodle with sarah's tattoo in mind...