Monday, February 28, 2011

Back for 2011

Right, so I'm back in the country! I didn't end up taking the book overseas with me, since I stuck that honey in it. The honey (along with lots of the foliage) would have meant that I'd have to have thrown the whole book away.

Regarding the grim entries from November, I actually did make it to the second round of auditions. After I'd worked out what I was going to do in life, I replaced my QTAC putting Fine Arts in Drama at the top instead. It was then that day that the uni rang up and said they'd made a mistake. The second audition went very well until one of the lecturers pointed out I wasn't connected with one of the characters, then I knew that was it. It was okay though, because I'd already been through it the first time. =P That'll teach me for only applying to one university!

Regardless, I've started at QUT for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama, studying at Kelvin Grove. So far it's been heaps of fun since I've met a lot of cool people. Everyone in Drama is really enthusiastic so it's easy to meet friends. We're even studying 'The Cherry Orchard' in a few weeks so I'm pumped for that!

I got an early birthday present today! (from myself to myself)
I ordered them last month and it was a perfect way to end the day! =D It's a little weird to think soon I'll be a 18 and a total legal adult. Heh. In case anyone else was wondering what I've got on my wishlist:
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 4)
  • A badowl Hyperbole and a Half Jumper
  • Tuttle Classic's Edition of 'The Water Margin'
  • My pendant to be repaired
The book will make an appearance again next Monday - I would have put it on today, but I forgot to crack it out after my lecture. I'm thinking about updating the blog on Mondays now, or sometimes Saturday if it's on my mind. Yay for continuing towards the goal of finishing the book - also, shout out to my #1 fan, Bonnie, who always asks me where the blog updates are! And abuses me when there are none. You're a real pal, Bonnie! =P

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  1. woow good to see your back :) an I will be expecting weekly updates :) love you sam